TruFit on Campus

Miami University, Marcum Center, Oxford, OH

When the administrators at Miami University were looking to retrofit the enclosures in their Marcum Center, they chose to install about 40 of the the TruFit shower enclosures. Traditionally, because there is no “give” in heavy glass enclosures, each individual unit needs to be measured, and glass panels created for each specific enclosure, down to the 1/16″ of an inch. With the TruFit door and panel, they had 1 1/4″ of play horizontally in the enclosure. This way, if your enclosures are all within an inch width-wise, instead of ordering 40 specific units, you can just order 40 TruFit door and panel units. And they install in a snap. Our customers say they can do a tear-out and install in under an hour.