The World is Loving Our Vista Series™ Shower

Life is short…love your shower!

The Vista Series™ from Cardinal is wowing the shower world, with its vintage good looks, combined with modern day performance and convenience. Its beautiful and distinctive grid lines create a distinct retro appearance – but those grids are digitally printed in-glass, creating a shower design that is not only beautiful, but remarkably easy to install and maintain.

The Vista Series glass shower panels, featuring this classic grid-line design, are actually smooth to the touch on both sides. So, there are no metal frames or individual panes of glass to install – and no raised grid surfaces to collect soap, residue, or bacteria.


In fact, the grid lines of the Vista Series shower are as easy to clean as wiping down a single piece of glass. And with optional Cardinal 10™ Surface Protection cleaning is even easier, since it provides a non-stick surface that repels soap scum, grime, and mineral buildup.

The contemporary performance of the Vista Shower is made possible through the miracle of Cardinal’s versatile Satori™ digital-in-glass printing.

Unlike previous methods of glass printing, Satori digital in-glass printing technology uses ceramic fritted inks, which are fused into the glass during the tempering process. This results in a surface that is scratch-resistant, fade-resistant, and antimicrobial, with custom printed images that make any shower a work of art. Because there are no minimum orders required to produce Satori glass panels, every shower design can be as unique as its owner.


For example, this digital process lets you recreate the Vista Shower design in your choice of hardware tones, including matte black and oil rubbed bronze. Shower designers are free to customize the grid design with variations in grid line thickness, placement, and layout.


The Vista Series glass panels are stunning when used in a frameless shower, and just as sophisticated when paired with a Cardinal Craftsman Series™ framed shower enclosure. Add a transom to create a luxurious steam shower – with all the shower design, glass and hardware available in Cardinal’s lineup, the possibilities are endless!


Vista Series™ Technical Info at a Glance

  • Grid showers are compatible with any custom shower installation
  • Sizes and layouts of grids will vary based on shower dimensions and preferences
  • Compatible with Cardinal 10™ Surface Protection (C10)
  • Recommended on both low iron and clear glass
  • Grids can be printed on the inside or outside of the shower for a glossy or matte appearance
  • Steam shower? Design a custom transom window incorporating the grid