Innovative Two-Sided Surface Protection Can Be Used For Sandblasted Glass

October 2018, Louisville, Kentucky – The only protectant that can be applied to both sides of sandblasted glass, Cardinal 10™, better protects sandblasted glass from damage caused by exposure to water and oil-based substances.

The process of sandblasting glass, also called glass etching, effectively creates a certain level of opaqueness that provides for a greater level of privacy and versatility in glass designs. Customers can choose to add a company logo to the glass, or unique patterns and shapes for applications ranging from shower enclosures to doors, entryways, and more. This process, however, also causes the glass to become more susceptible to damage, particularly from the natural oils secreted from a person’s hand or body. Cardinal 10 adds a proven layer of durability that maintains the reliability and appearance of each side of sandblasted glass.

With Cardinal 10, customers can save cost on both maintenance and cleaning. This unique glass surface protectant features nanotechnology that provides a layer of durability that effectively turns otherwise ordinary glass into an easy-to-clean, non-stick surface. With minimal cleaning required, sandblasted glass can maintain a like-new appearance for many years.  In addition to higher resistance against minerals, soaps, and chemicals, customers can safely use the same glass cleaners on Cardinal 10-treated sandblasted glass as conventional glass pieces. For more information, customers are asked to call 1-800-826-2577 or email


Established in 1948, Cardinal is America’s leading manufacturer of custom glass shower enclosures. In addition, Cardinal offers an extensive array of commercial glazing systems and solutions, along with custom artisan glass for both residential and commercial applications.

To maintain the highest level of quality, Cardinal fabricates and tempers glass in its main facility in Louisville, KY, while regional fabrication and distribution centers provide for unsurpassed nationwide service.  Cardinal’s dedicated fleet of trucks and vans are available for both long-haul and local routes, ensuring Cardinal’s short lead times and high quality are maintained.