Cardinal Series™


The Cardinal Series offers professional-build quality, complemented by a clean and bold outline that people are sure to notice. This semi-frameless sliding door enclosure is available in a wide range of sizes with customizable style options that will fit any bathroom. The Cardinal Series comes with true bypass doors with an easy-clean track, and all units are offered with a selection of seven stock finishes. The Cardinal Series is also available with the Platinum Series upgrade.

  • Available width sizes: 42” up to 84”
  • Available height sizes: 55-3/8” up to 76-3/8”
  • Glass thickness: 3/16” up to 1/4”
  • True bypass doors included
  • Wide selection of stock finishes

Cardinal Series™

Glass Options

Size restrictions for some glass options may apply. View details. >>

Cardinal Series™

Finish Options

Brushed Nickel
Oil-Rubbed Bronze
Roman Bronze

In-Stock Powder Coat Finish Options

Architectural Bronze
Roman Bronze
Cardinal Red
Hartfield Green
Jet Black
Matte Black
Bone White
Sky White

Cardinal Series™

Hardware Options

  • CHG KSM – Single Mount Knob
  • CHG KCBTB – Back-to-Back Cushioned Knob
  • CHG RP – Recessed Pull
  • CHG RP-KSM – Cushioned Mount
  • CHG KASM – Apollo Single Mount Knob
  • CHG KABTB – Apollo Back-to-Back Knob
Towel Bars
  • CHG TB16 – 16” Single Mount Towel Bar
  • CHG TB18 – 18” Single Mount Towel Bar
  • CHG TB20 – 20” Single Mount Towel Bar
  • CHG TB22 – 22” Single Mount Towel Bar
  • CHG TB24 – 24” Single Mount Towel Bar
  • CHG TB27 – 27” Single Mount Towel Bar
  • CHG TB30 – 30” Single Mount Towel Bar
  • CHG ATB18 – 18” Apollo Single Mount Towel Bar
  • CHG ATB24 – 24” Apollo Single Mount Towel Bar
Robe Hook
  • CHG CRH – Robe Hook

Cardinal Series™


The Cardinal Series features a wide selection of configurations for sliding door enclosures.

  • TE – Tub Enclosure
  • SE – Shower Enclosure
  • TEI – Tub Enclosure with Inline Panel
  • SEI – Shower Enclosure with Inline Panel
  • TE2 – Tub Enclosure with Two Inline Panels
  • SE2 – Shower Enclosure with Two Inline Panels
  • TE3 – Tub Enclosure with Return Panel
  • SE3 – Shower Enclosure with Return Panel
  • TE4 – Tub Enclosure with Angled and Return Panel
  • SE4 – Shower Enclosure with Angled and Return Panel

Cardinal Series™

Optional Features

Platinum Series Upgrade

The Platinum Series upgrade features advanced V-shaped wheels specially fitted for the V-shaped tracks in the headers, providing for ultra-smooth sliding. The upgraded headers are taller to better hide the roller brackets inside the header.

Interior Towel Bar

An optional interior towel bar is available for the Cardinal Series sliding door enclosure. The second towel bar provides added convenience and versatility.

(Please note: interior towel bars are not a suitable replacement for mounted grab bars.)

Cardinal 10™ Surface Protection

Cardinal 10 Surface Protection provides an easy-clean, non-stick surface that repels both water and oils. The treated glass is extremely resistant to damage, etching, or stains caused by various minerals, soaps, chemicals, and other harmful materials. Cardinal 10 provides customers an extra layer of durability that saves cost on maintenance and cleaning for peace of mind.