Sandblasted Glass


Sandblasted glass adds a beautiful layer of complexity and intricacy to artisan glass. Choose from a variety of standard designs or customize one, or add company logos, decorative patterns, and other creative ideas to incorporate a unique element to any project. Sandblasted glass, or glass etching, also effectively creates a certain level of opaqueness that is versatile in a variety of ways, providing a level of privacy to clear doors if desired. Sandblasting is available for a full range of glass products including shower enclosures, entryways, patterned and cast glass, and more.

Sandblasted Glass

Glass Options

Sandblasted Glass

Optional Features

Cardinal S-Curve

The Cardinal S-Curve glass design features a sleek and sophisticated look that adds a unique style. S-Curve Glass is available in our full range of 1/4” or 3/8” glass patterns, or custom sizes can be made available. The glass overlaps 1” to 3”. Custom etching can be applied for an even more dramatic look that highlights the curve.

Cardinal 10™ Surface Protection

Cardinal 10 Surface Protection provides an easy-clean, non-stick surface that repels both water and oils. The treated glass is extremely resistant to damage, etching, or stains caused by various minerals, soaps, chemicals, and other harmful materials. Cardinal 10 provides customers an extra layer of durability that saves cost on maintenance and cleaning for peace of mind.