New PRIVA-TECH® Shower Glass Digital In-Glass Printed Privacy


Cardinal’s PRIVA-TECH® Shower Glass is a contemporary approach to shower enclosure privacy that’s as unique as you are. With PRIVA-TECH, you choose the color or colors, opacity level and placement of fades based on your privacy and modesty preferences – and our glass artisans do the rest.

Permanent privacy that’s simple to clean and maintain.

Your personalized PRIVA-TECH design is fused into the glass during the tempering process, creating a permanent privacy glass panel that is scratch and fade resistant. The glass surface remains perfectly smooth to the touch on both sides, allowing easy cleaning and maintenance. For even easier maintenance, Cardinal 10™ Surface Protection creates a surface that is remarkably resistant to water residue, mildew and soap.

Designing your PRIVA-TECH shower glass is easy.

Best of all, designing your PRIVA-TECH glass shower enclosure panels is easy…

  • Choose your Color or Colors
  • Choose your Opacity
  • Choose your Fades

For help specifying PRIVA-TECH or other Cardinal shower glass solutions, contact us today.


PRIVA-TECH® In-Glass Printed Privacy

Optional Features

Cardinal 10™ Surface Protection

Cardinal 10 Surface Protection provides an easy-clean, non-stick surface that repels both water and oils. The treated glass is extremely resistant to damage, etching, or stains caused by various minerals, soaps, chemicals, and other harmful materials. Cardinal 10 provides customers an extra layer of durability that saves cost on maintenance and cleaning for peace of mind.