Chipped Edge Glass


Choose this dramatic feature to create glass designs featuring scalloped edges. The chipped-edge pattern can be single-sided or double-sided, providing for an attractive and non-symmetrical appearance. Select from three options of edge cut – straight cut, wave cut for a smoother design, or jagged cut for a rough and broken edge look.

Chipped Edge Glass

Glass Options

Chipped Edge Glass

Optional Features

Cast Glass

The visually striking, three-dimensional character of Cardinal’s kiln-formed cast glass offers limitless opportunities for creative ingenuity and provides for a stunning centerpiece.


Create beautifully artistic glass designs with Cardinal’s unique ceramic-frit in-glass printing process that delivers vivid and full-color imagery that will last for years to come.

Sandblasted Glass

sandblasted glassAdd a beautiful layer of complexity and intricacy to an artisan glass piece, choosing from a variety of standard or custom designs and patterns that will complete any room.

Custom Designs

Ask the experts at Cardinal to help create truly unique custom designs that brings your idea and creative vision to life, all so you can enjoy a custom piece that is all your own.