Advancing the Art of Glass

It’s easy to take glass for granted, because we see it* nearly everywhere we go. Glass is the see-through barrier in our homes, cars, and offices.  The mirror in the elevator, hallway, or dressing room.  It’s the surface we cook on, browse on, and gather around.  It can be light enough to be used in sunglasses, or strong enough to be the barrier protecting you as you gaze into the eyes of a 350 lb. gorilla at the zoo.

When you think of it, glass is a wondrous material.  Celebrated in art and architecture, cherished by craftsmen, and used for an almost limitless range of form and function, the world of glass is a fascinating one – think periscopes, telescopes, kaleidoscopes – as well as a functional one of skyscrapers, skybridges, and semiconductors.

Since the time that artisans made the world’s first glass pieces around 5,000 years ago, advancing the art of glass has become a never-ending pursuit in the hands of glass artisans, craftsmen, and manufacturers. Their work has led us to a kind of “golden age” of glass – an age in which possibilities are limited only by imagination.

One prism through which to view the story of glass is as a story of human innovation. It’s a continuous progression of art and science through the ages, that still continues today!

Today, glass is available in an amazing assortment of forms that add to the appearance, design, and functionality of our world. Architects and designers can select from an almost limitless range of patterned glass, cast glass, sandblasted and chipped edge glass, just to name a few common types. At Cardinal, we make some of today’s most exciting glass options available to consumers and professionals involved in the design of shower enclosures, architectural glass solutions, and artisan glass products.

One of Cardinal’s own contributions to advancing the art of glass in the 21st century is our unique Satori™ in-glass printing process – a process that allows consumers, designers, and architects to fuse their dreams into the glass itself. The unique Satori™ in-glass printing process opens the door to producing glass sheets with any design: if it can be dreamed, it can be done.