New PRIVA-TECH® Shower Glass by Cardinal: a more beautiful kind of privacy

LOUISVILLE, KY, September 2019 — The concept behind Cardinal’s PRIVA-TECH® Shower Glass is tantalizing:  a more elegant and contemporary approach to in-shower privacy, with custom patterns, shapes and colors fused with the glass in the tempering process.

The reality is even more exciting: customers are loving the new possibilities of PRIVA-TECH shower glass and going all-in with designs that capture their unique tastes in privacy. Meanwhile, shower and bath installation professionals are using PRIVA-TECH technology to transform the look and function of their shower enclosure offerings.

Tasteful privacy made possible by digital in-glass printing.
Whether designing something classic and conservative, or stylishly sexy, PRIVA-TECH allows shower design professionals and end customers to define the color, opacity, shape, and style of the privacy area of any shower glass panel.  The glass specialists at Cardinal turn the customer’s PRIVA-TECH design into a finished shower glass panel, using Cardinal’s in-house Satori™ digital in-glass printing process, in which color ink frit is fused with the glass during the glass tempering process. “The result is an artistic approach to privacy that is scratch and fade resistant,” according to Diego Rodriguez, Cardinal Director of Sales and Marketing.

Permanent privacy that’s simple to clean and maintain.
Since the digitally printed PRIVA-TECH graphics are fused into the glass, the outside glass surfaces remain perfectly smooth to the touch, allowing easy cleaning and maintenance. For even easier maintenance, Cardinal 10™ Surface Protection creates a surface that is remarkably resistant to water residue, mildew and soap stains.

How to create PRIVA-TECH Shower Glass: step by step.

  1. PRIVA-TECH Shower Glass is available exclusively through shower installation professionals. Have your installation professional contact Cardinal at 800.826.2577 or visit
  2. Choose your Cardinal shower enclosure design from our industry-leading designs, and decide which glass panels will be PRIVA-TECH panels.
  3. Cardinal will provide easy-to-use PRIVA-TECH artwork guidelines to help in the design process.
  4. Decide on the color and shape of your privacy area, as well as the desired opacity and the level of fading (or not) around the outer edges of the privacy graphic area.
  5. Based on your design, the glass artisans at Cardinal will send a proof of your artwork for approval.
  6. Your PRIVA-TECH design will be fabricated by the Cardinal specialists using a digital in-glass printing and tempering process.
  7. Your PRIVA-TECH shower glass will be delivered nationwide, door-to-door, as part of your shower enclosure order, using Cardinal’s own fleet of trucks.
  8. Your shower installation professional will install your PRIVA-TECH shower glass along with the rest of your complete shower enclosure.

For more information on PRIVA-TECH and other possibilities made possible by Cardinal’s Satori in-glass digital printing, call 800-826-2577, or click the following link.